The schedule you need to organize your week.

This schedule will help you to organize your time, define targets and keep track of thing you want to change in tour life. You can keep reading about my thoughts creating it or just download it from Gumroad and try by yourself.

The context.

I was not a organized person since I can remember, but don’t get me wrong,I did my school homework, I finished my college projects and I did my job well, but I had always the feeling the it wasn’t me who was controlling my time, since I been reading from time to time books about habits and organization, to find a way to take more control over my time.

The idea.

You probably have heard the word “habit”, it has become a buzz word in the last 10 years, and therapy are plenty of books about habits, the most popular are probably The power of habit and Atomic habits. The former is a mostly scientific overview of how we make the habits the later explains a way identify the triggers of our habits and ways to modify or create new habits.

Well there are many people talking about this with different names and different methods, some books talk about systems and goals, micro goals, simple things and so on.

I decided to use these ideas of other people and make the best for my personality.

This schedule is made to work on my own personality and using my experience, and I can certainly work for you and it can be improved further to match your own needs.

Yes, you need a goal.

It is important to know what you want, maybe you want 10 million, that is a fuzzy goal, maybe you just want to learn a new language to win more money and get closer the the 10 million, that makes more sense and it is achievable, do you want to make a podcast or YouTube channel? Those are goals that deliver a visible and audible result, or maybe you want just make some free time for weekend with your friends, whatever it is you have to write it down and then think in the steps you need to take to achieve this goal. Then after you have some steps written down, you can break further down the same steps in smaller steps. The 10 million goal is going to need to be broken down in a million steps, but tiny steps are easier to take.

Let’s take the simpler example. You want to have free time next weekend to party but you have to write a thousand word essay for next Monday, well you have your big goal and it van be broken in words, that means your goal in a week is to write 200 words per day. 24 hours minus 8 hours sleep, minus 3 hours eating, minus 1 hour of shower, toilet breaks, etc. Is equal to 12 hours, and school, other homework, just think you have two hours of free time to work on your essay, well you have one hour to write 100 words, which seems pretty good, still you can write 50 words in 20 minutes and take a 10 minute break.

You still have to work, but breaking down the goal makes the tasks look simpler and easier, and better than writing 10 hours straight on Sunday plus hungover.

Little habits, big things.

This schedule is made to work in a week or in month, depending of what your needs are.

So use this schedule, and set your goal, break it down and work hard, you will form habits, systems, steps or whatever you want to call them and if you add this little habits, you will have a finished book, Perhaps you will learn Italian, one our per day, three hours of grammar per week, one hour of vocabulary and one hour for planing your next week and download a podcast in Italian, and after a year you might be ordering Italian food in Rome.


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